Friday, June 25, 2010

Brain Fart

Shevy: (answers cell phone) Hello

Woman: Hi, Mr. Needlebaum will be calling you to deliver that recliner you wanted.

Shevy: Ok....I emailed him my cell phone number so just have him call me when he gets close to the house and I'll flag him down. you have a pen.....let me give you my cell number just incase he forgot it.

Woman:  Um another number?

Shevy:  huh....

Woman: do you have another cell number other than the one I already called you on?

Shevy: (feeling really stupid) took the day off to move, and I think my brain took one too.....haaaa.....sorry......


  1. That is exactly the sort of thing I catch myself doing, and not even on moving day... Shevy, you are not alone!! SV

  2. lol...thanks's nice to know I'm not alone... :D

  3. Is this really your last post or am I missing something? Come back, Butternut Squash!

  4. I'm so sorry.....I'm such a horrible blogger.....I've been quite busy unpacking my new place and getting, somewhat, back to normal. I've also been posting a lot on my Facebook can request me (Shevy Ramirez) if you like... :)